Open Studios 2017 Western Isles Amsterdam

During the Whitsun weekend of 3-5 juni 2017 more than 60 artists open their doors for three days from 12:00 to 18:00. Come look! We are the oldest art route (since 1985) in the most beautiful part of Amsterdam. Everything is within walking or biking distance.

Open Ateliers Amsterdam 2017

Established names and emerging artists

With this new edition of the oldest art route of The Netherlands established names participate, but also new artists. All participants studios or homes are open to the public. The showcased works vary from classical paintings, drawings, sculptures and ceramics to interactive installations, photographs and design.

Picturesque Amsterdam

For a long time this picturesque part of Amsterdam exerts an irresistible attraction for artists. Painter George Breitner worked there and the photographer Jacob Olie visualized the islands with great detail. Nowadays more more artists live and work here per acre than in other parts of Amsterdam. Another reason to visit the Open Studios Western Isles, is walking through the atmospheric streets with historic houses which mostly date from the time of the VOC and 19th century.

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